Friday, October 28, 2011

Mann Ke Pankh

"Mann Ke Pankh' a story of a simple boy and his wishes, story of every human being and his never ending needs. A short film by Binny, Rohit, Arjun and Manu. Check out their vimeo profile at and facebook page at

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Inspired from Abdul Kalam's life, this story is about a boy who makes money out of selling newspaper everyday so that he could afford to go to school with that. 
By: Arjun Krishna & Team

Independence.... Is it just for a day..........?

A short film based on the Independence day  by Manu Balakrishnan.
Edited by : Arjun Krishna. Won an award for the best submissions in Animation Dept, Manipal University Bangalore campus

Agno Fest - News Scenario

This video was done as part of Agno fest Rise Of Empires 2010 at St Agnes, Mangalore. The video was shot and edited in one single day and the team had a great experience doing so. They won 1st prize for this video. The video is edited by Arjun Krishna.

Monday, December 6, 2010


KRIYA an Independent initative of students and professionals dedicated to Art, Animation, Design, Film, Photography and related field would like to unleash our best shot Live Action | Animation films to the world,
Hope our precious viewers across the globe would enjoy it and give us all your valuable suggestion and comments. thanking for all your support and coordinations.

KRIYA 2010 Experimental Visual Grammar Projects of students -
Ankit P. Based on typographical design medium. Inspired from its original album.

A spontaneos concept from one of our beat boxing artist inspired from the regular class room creative sessions. Now working on a Brilliant 2D film.

As an attempt for a competition of DOCOMO our students did a small flash animation - karan G

An Experimental  stop motion animation by Kavyashree.

A 2D limited animated style work on Prevent Aids by Raghunandan I & Praveen K

A filler- visual treat on creativity by Zack G

An experimental medium with concept of over Population by Mausumi D

Save Wildlfie- a morphing nattarivity by Puneeth B

Cosmic dance by Kumar S. a simple storyboard with visual narration of the mythological loard shiva.